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Sherbrooke, Quebec

Excerpt taken from the Brecks homepage with permission.

The founder George Breckenridge, as did many Canadians of his era, emigrated from Saltcoats, Scotland in 1905 at the age of 4. His family settled in the eastern townships of southern Quebec. George spent his childhood fishing the local lakes and rivers and building a reputation as a great lacrosse player, his favorite pastime other than fishing.

Following a brief period in Manitoba, George returned to the townships as a teen and embarked upon his career as an entrepreneur. Owner of the St-Francis golf and tennis club, he was also recognized as a champion breeder of silver fox. Later he founded a sports and apparel business under the brand name Seal-Dri, which also supplied outerwear to the then fledgling Atomic Energy Canada.

George will be best remembered for having founded Brecks in 1947 with his wife Maude, marketing flies and manufacturing lures in their home. George's first love was fishing! He was traveling across Canada visiting his customers, looking for new ones, and showing them the fish catching ability of his products. He never missed a chance to wet a line and gained respect as one of the best and most ardent fishermen in all of Canada.

In 1948, George began to manufacture two styles of spoons called the Dartee and Sparky. The lures had originally been designed by brothers Bob and Bud Brackett of Arlington, Massachusetts, but George purchases the original dies and started his own production line with his wife. Breck's continued production of the Dartee and Sparky until 1978, and the spoons have recently made a resurgence.

In 1950, George made one of the biggest tackle deals in Canadian history by locking down sole distribution rights to the Manufacture d'Engins de Précisions pour la Pêche Sportive, or MEPPS lure. Mr. André Meulnart designed the first Mepps, and what is commonly referred to as the original French spinner, in 1938. He named his creation the AGLIA®, which is Latin for butterfly. With worldwide sales approaching 500,000,000 spinners since that first Aglia was produced, Mepps is arguably the most popular and productive lure ever introduced. Breck's was responsible for assembly, packaging and shipping of the famous spinners almost 60 years ago, and the arrangments have not changed since.

In 1964, his son David took over the daily responsibilities and became principal shareholder, giving George the opportunity to continue his explorations and adventures. Since then, Brecks has expanded twice and now operates from a state of the art 22,000 sq. ft. facility and a 12,000 sq. ft plant for it's plating of Williams and Mooselook lures that is also the home of it's corporate recognition division.

George passed away peacefully in 1995 at the age of 94. Brecks, which bears his name, has been offering Canadian fishermen the finest proven brands for over 50 years. These brands have become classics and standards in any anglers tackle box. A fitting tribute to an exceptional entrepreneur and philanthropist.


Sparky Lure Display From Breck's

A great display card from the company that shows their exclusive Sparky Lure in all of its different sizes and finishes.

Dartee Lure Sales Card From Breck's

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