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Bob's Baits
Whitevale, Ontario

    In the early 40's a man by the name of Clarence Robert Christian from Whitevale, Ontario, created a company in his name called Bob's Baits. His first recorded patent to date is found from 1940 for the Slipweed Spinner as shown to the right. The Slipweed Spinner is quite recognizable with the striped spinner, large weedless hook with unique weedless hardware configuration and feathered treble hooks. In 1960 Mr. Christian applied for another patent on a lure called the Galloping Ghost.

     It seems Mr. Christian's creative energy focussed on metal lures with unique design and "fish appeal," and this is apparent in his creation of the Galloping Jet. This lure can be seen on the far right of the associated picture. A neat hand-painted metal lure, the card that this lure comes on states that it can be adjusted to 3 different positions, "casts like a bullet," gallops or wobbles, climbs over logs, never winds line and can be retrieved shallow or deep. Some of the other lures he created include the Snake Bait (shown), Swamp Worm Junior (Shown), Retriever and Rock-And-Roll (Shown).  Please share new pictures or information as it arises on this interesting Canadian tackle producer


4 Different Clarence Christian Lures

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT - Bob's Swamp Worm Junior, the Snake Bait, the Slipweed Spinner and the Galloping Jet

Bob's Bait Galloping Ghost Lure

A rare musky size Galloping Ghost on its original card.  Thanks to Wayne Powell for this picture.
Photo courtesy of Ken Vick

 Bob's Bass Thief

Here's a good picture of the Bass Thief as submitted by Ken Vick.  Notice the plastic google eyes...a nice touch!
Photo courtesy of Ken Vick

 Bob's Bass Thief Underside

Clearly stated Bob's Bass Thief...with the divots in the side of the head shown partially here.

Bob's Bait Rock and Roll Lure 

Here is a nice example of a Rock and Roll from Clarence Christian.